Quik Lok

Innovative locking system for professional tyre inflators.

We at Gentilin know the several application into which compressed air is involved carry diverse complications ans specific needs. Quik-Lok system for tyre inflators is developed for you, delivered into your hands to ease handling and to grant the highest accuracy during the tyre pressure regulation process. Quik-Lok system for tyre inflators semplify your work thanks to a perfect combination of innovation, realiablity and Italian manufacturing quality.

Quik-Lok unique features Main advatages using Quik-Lok system for tyre inflators:
  • Sliding self-lock tightetning - EASY.
  • Resistant single-piece casting, free of fracture points.
  • Twin-blade tightening system.
  • Positive locking mechanism, no leaks until 10 bar.
  • Reduced overall dimensions.